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Just spent the last 3 days in Atlanta at a staff summit for Adventures!

It was so wonderful to meet so many of the staff that I have never met before in person! Zoom and Google Meet has kept us together for this last year but coming together in person was beautiful!

Doug and I are flying to Eswatini in about a half hour. Please pray for our time there with the parents as they are visiting their kids who have been on the mission field for almost a year now.  We are excited to spend time with them as well as really be enriched by the amazing things that are happening there! I will do my best to keep up with information…and pictures!

Mucho love!

Thank you for YOUR support.


  1. We’re looking forward to hearing about your time there! Praying for safety and blessing!

  2. “Our cup runneth over”. As you and Doug live the fullness of Love, may your hearts and lives radiate that quality, blessing others as you are blessed! 💕

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